Mad Moxxi’s Under Dome Riot!!

So this print of Borderlands Mad Moxxi was a challenge, due to the fact I had never recorded my coloring process before. So trying to find a open source program was hard. The first one I found only let me record for 15 minutes and shut it self off and the other let me record longer but would glitch out when I tried to stop the recording.

Never the less, I was determined to get this done.

Moxxi was one of my favorite characters form Borderlands and ever since I saw cosplayer Lisa Lou Who bring her to life at WonderCon 2015. I fell in love with Moxxi and Borderlands as a whole. The Under Dome was such a stylized environment I had to use it as the background of this print.

So happy with how this all came out.

-Michael J. Almaraz

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